Here you will find some useful links:


Proceedings of the Annual Conference of American Political Association (APSA): Every year proceedings of participants of the Annual Conference of APSA are presented in this web site:

The Ultimate Political Science Links Page: This page is an important gateway to political science resources. 

Gary King's Home Page: The prominent figure of political methodology, Professor Gary King of Harvard University presents soft copies of his papers and some very useful data sets. 

Richard Tucker's Page of Political Science Resources: Here, you will find some useful links and resources of political sciences, especially of quantitative methods.

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources: Another useful portal of political sciences. 

Working Papers of Politics Research Group of Harvard Kennedy School of Government: A very useful resource for study of political sciences

POLITICAL METHODOLOGY SECTION HOMEPAGE of APSA: The strongest web site about political methodology.

PSM: Search Abstracts & Manuscripts A detailed collection of manuscripts.

Machiavelli Online: A detailed list of links about Machiavelli, Nicolo (1469-1527)

Sarah zupko's H O M E    O N    T H E    W E B: The most comprehensive links to two online journals, PopMatters.com
and PopCultures.com
Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website is a WWW research resource for those interested in the Critical Theory project.

Communication for a Sustainable Future: A gateway to numerous web sites about political economy